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Call for Help:

That's everything that I've found so far about this show, so the mission of this site is to collect more information, pictures, etc., and be a central resource about this milestone of theatre history.

Since I first started this site, I've had some great feedback from many people, and people have email and sent me copies of items, as you've seen on various pages of this site, and recently I've been in contact with a few actual cast members, so check back in the next few months for material on the show you'll find nowhere else!

People have also contacted me for details about the show, for various productions of the show, as well as for a special about the early years of Second City.  Hopefully those connections will bring even more information here, including possible TV news stories about the show! 

If you have any information, were involved in the production in any way, have recollections of seeing the show or have suggested sites about the Toronto cast that I could link to, please email me at .

If you have programmes, posters, flyers, advertisements, news articles, or copies of any of these and would like to send them to have them posted on this site, you can mail them to:

Brian Gedcke
187 Caroline St. South
Hamilton, Ontario  L8P 3L3

I would gladly pay postage if you contact me at the above email address.  Any scans of items mailed to that address would also be incredibly appreciated.

Otherwise, feel free to sign the guestbook:

I hope you've enjoyed these pages and have learned something too. I've learned a lot by putting it all together.

Brian Gedcke

P.S. Recently on the Comedy Network here in Canada, Lyndsay Leese, on the Cream of Comedy 2004 Special said that one reason the Tim Sims Encouragement Award was created was that, "In a business where there can be a lot of rejections, a little encouragement can go a long way."  Although it's not a new idea, it applies to this show in many ways, as it does to life.

Cast with Don Scardino as Jesus, Summer 1972
From left to right: Andrea Martin, Martin Short, Jayne Eastwood,
Aril Chown, Rudy Webb, Don Scardino, Valda Aviks, Gilda Radner

A Bit About Me and Why I'm Running This Site

Some people involved with the show have asked me why I have become so interested in the production, which is an excellent questions and one I should be willing to answer if I hope to solicit help from busy people who are revealing information about such a special time in their life.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, I have been part of the local theatre community since I was a boy in the cast of Oliver! in 1974 at the age of nine. I was raised in the theatre and it is now a major part of my life. The show that came immediately after Oliver! with our company was Godspell, and although I was to young to be part of it, I was amazed by a show that could be so free and yet so praiseful. Several members of our company also went on to careers on Broadway, at Stratford and in film in Television in both Toronto and Hollywood. So what was it about this show and this time, I always wondered. I saw the show again about 10 years ago, but it wasn't the same, so again, what was it about the time. But that alone didn't spark my interest, at least enough to do the research that I've been doing.

What really started me in this search is that when something is discussed on television, I do a quick search on the subject to get a background on the topic. Every so often Eugene Levy, Martin Short, Andrea Martin, Victor Garber, and, before her death, Gilda Radner would be on a talk show and the topic of Godspell would arise, especially when it was with David Letterman, as Paul and that former Godspell-er would reminisce. So I'd look for information and find a line here, and a paragraph there and think, "Why isn't there more?" But the moment would pass and I'd go on. When I found myself doing this for the third or fourth time I thought I should at least bookmark the pages so that I could find the little information I did have a bit faster.

From a few scraps of information spread across the Internet, I used more specific words in combination and found a few more. Soon I thought it was time to cull some of it together, and I did in a file for a while. Then I came across a partially scanned programme on a site called Pigdump, and a few others on a Godspell site, and all of a sudden I had enough content, so I contacted those two sites for permission to use their graphics, and they said yes and they even sent a few more pictures, and a one page site went up, just about a year ago, and a slow trickle of mail started from people who had also been searching for information, but had never found more than those scraps.

As the information grew the one page was divided into sections, and a picture of a very unique time in theatre history began to develop in my mind. With more research in the newspaper archives at the main branch of the Hamilton library, I now had more data compiled. In Hamilton there was some unique information, as both Eugene Levy and Martin Short hail from here.

The information grew and I was starting to get the idea of what the show must have been like, and with the help of people who had seen it and experienced the time, the site has grown, and with it my knowledge of some of what it takes to make such a show so special. On the Bits and Pieces page there is an audio clip of Gilda sing "Learn Your Lessons Well", and it puts a lot of it into perspective. She just sings it. Her voice is, well, less than perfect, but the drive and the commitment and the love that it's performed with shows just how a simple show can become a landmark.

So, with the help of others, I hope to document further how this show came together and launched so many people forward, and in doing so, it may give others and myself a bit of inspiration.

Already with the information I have assisted a Toronto production of Godspell consider the show from a different point of view and it helped make for a better show than they were on the road to produce. I have been contacted by researchers studying the early years of Second City, and have been contacted by Second City itself to help them document their early days, so my little project is moving onward, and upward.

I continue to this day doing theatre, but in the last year have let go some of my worries about performing and just go with the love of putting it out there, so the Toronto Godspell has already made a difference to me, although I never saw it.

I hope that gives you a little idea of why I am putting all this together.

Cast of Godspell, with Gordon Thompson as Jesus, Spring 1973

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